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SDA NSW & ACT [created]
07/15/2018 - 11:34

SDA members Family Day at Luna Park Sydney on Sunday 26 August. Tickets go sale from 9am Monday 23 July and the first 900 are just $10 each.
You can order via phone or our online shop.
Don't miss out!

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SDA NSW & ACT [created]
07/13/2018 - 16:29
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SDA NSW & ACT [created]
07/12/2018 - 19:05

Our latest group of new delegates completed day 2 of basic skills training today. In just 2 weeks, these amazing activists have recruited 13 new members and spoken to dozens of members about rights and benefits that union members enjoy. They are wonderful ambassadors of the SDA and we're so proud to have them on board.

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SDA NSW & ACT [created]
07/09/2018 - 15:33

SDA Delegate Christine is getting the message out: here she is giving out "Don't Bag Retail Staff" reusable bags to her co-workers

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SDA NSW & ACT [created]
07/09/2018 - 08:25

Ever wonder what happens to unsold books that get sent back to the publisher? Meet Gail. Gail receives all the books returned to HarperCollins where she is the SDA Delegate.

Gail Riley is an SDA Delegate at the HarperCollins DC in the Southern Highlands. Gail, and Shane Gristwood (who is pictured with Gail here) are both proud indigenous Australian union Delegates, and have worked together at HarperCollins for almost five years, including nearly two years as site Delegates.

Gail moved to the Southern Highlands from the Far North Coast, and was initially employed as a Christmas casual, then as an ongoing casual, and then finally as a permanent employee.

HarperCollins is a book publishing company. From their Southern Highlands DC they distribute books to booksellers all around the country, both online and though bricks and mortar stores.

Gail’s main tasks are to receive unsold books returned from shops and credit their value back to the retailer’s account. If the stock is in mint condition, it can be resold – otherwise it goes into remainders which are then given to charities.

Since becoming a Delegate, she has assisted SDA members at HarperCollins with a range of different issues, including counselling, correct leave entitlements, and having access to temperature-appropriate clothing.

“It’s a really good place to work,” says Gail.

“You can take it seriously. Yes it’s a warehouse but if you really get interested, you can really get into this work. If you want to write a book yourself, you can do that and submit it. One girl has done a colouring book and had it published.

“There are also options to go into middle management or logistics. So it’s a place where there might be an avenue for you to go on a bit further.” Employees at HarperCollins also receive two complimentary ‘books of the month’ every month.

“I enjoy it. I feel comfortable there. You have your occasional times with management, but overall it’s a good place to work – especially in a regional area, where it’s not always easy to find a job that pays well.”

HarperCollins’ support for indigenous Australians

As a company, HarperCollins is committed to publishing indigenous writers and supporting their work, and is also a supporter of NAIDOC Week.

NAIDOC Week: 8-15 July

NAIDOC Week is an annual event celebrating the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This year, the theme is “Because of Her, We Can!” focusing on the invaluable contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have made – and continue to make – to the rich history of the nation, including labour history.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women were there at the Torres Strait Pearlers strike in 1936, the Cummerangunja walk off in 1939, the Pilbara pastoral workers’ strike in 1946 and the Wave Hill walk off in 1966. This year NAIDOC Week is 8-15 July. Learn more at National NAIDOC


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