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Why Join?

Joining a union makes your life better. Here’s how:

Union members are paid more.

That’s a fact. Union members make more money. The more Members we have in the SDA, the stronger we are when we negotiate with employers. That means better pay for you.

You’re not on your own

You don’t have to take on a big company or manager on your own.

If you have any problems at work, the SDA is here to help

We help with issues like roster disputes, under payments, and bullying/harassment.

We have workplace Delegates and full-time staff to resolve any workplace issues.

SDA members also have exclusive access to the SDA’s confidential advice line (131 732).

You’re safer at work

We work to make your workplace safer.

The SDA has specialists on staff to help our members with all Health & Safety processes.

If you are injured at work, the SDA can help you with your WorkCover claim.