The SDA is the union that looks out for workers in retail, online retail, fast food and warehousing in Australia.



Better pay, better conditions: Make sure you’re getting your share

Many workers are getting paid less than they legally should be. You have seen the stories about 7-Eleven and other franchisees and employers. The SDA’s job is to protect and advance the wages and working conditions of all our members. Put simply, the more members we have in the SDA, the stronger our negotiating power is. Which means better pay and conditions for you. We make sure you get what you are legally entitled to. We make sure you get your fair share.

Help with issues at work

As well as ensuring your rights and entitlements are protected, the SDA represents you in the workplace. This means you never have to deal with a workplace problem alone again. We tip the scales back in our members’ favour with professional representation when you need it.

Membership benefits and discounts

On top of this industrial advice and protection, we also offer a great range of discounts to make your wage go further. Whether it’s journey insurance on the way to or from work, scholarships for students or everyday discounts we can make your pay last longer.

Free support

For a low weekly fee you get access to our professional staff for free, who can provide confidential advice about workplace issues including pay, rostering and safety. We also have a network of people on the ground around Australia who can support you in your workplace.

We've made joining easy

Because your time is precious, we've made joining as simple as possible. The four-step process takes no time at all, and by choosing direct debit, you can rest assured you're always protected.